Google Panda: The Most Important Google Algorithm you should Stay Updated With

SEO is kind of an art which requires hours and days worth of efforts to get the desired end results delivered. While we know that Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of rules that requires to be obeyed by website or blogs for the sole purpose of optimizing their websites for search engines and helps in improving their search engine rankings as an end result. Moreover, it also helps in increasing the overall quality of the web sites of various brands and businesses by crafting them into a more user friendly, quicker and easy to navigate version.

While Google’s search ranking algorithm has pass through a number of changes since its start, SEO has become an every challenging task in order to keep up with the new updates in order to keep the website high in rankings. In the beginning, the entire low quality content website could have easily secured the top rankings by applying the SEO techniques (Mainly Black hat SEO) but since the launch of latest algorithm updates, Google created a strategy to deal with all of such websites. Google has clearly confirmed it with its updates that it is the “Quality” of the website and its content which will make it Rank higher in its search results. One of the Algorithm updates is Google Panda and if you have ever noticed that your website traffic and its ranking have been decreased than usual, it’s possible that you fallen victim to this Google Panda Algorithm.

google panda update

Google Panda

Google Panda simply appraise websites on the basis of the qualitative part of their content. Pages which are high on quality content would receive better rankings and the same with low quality would go down. Therefore, it really tests the on-page optimization expertise of an SEO.

How it get prompted?

Lean content- It doesn’t define content with “Too Few Words” but the content which don’t really serve to the user’s query. For e.g.  If someone searched for “Today’s weather”, it shouldn’t just come up with the answer “Fair” or “Not good” simply.

Low quality Content– if the content which has been used in the website is comprise of a lot of grammatical errors, negative words, phrases or anything which could violate the common ethics and the user’s overall experience, it will be treated as a Low quality content loaded page and would be treated accordingly by Google algorithm.

Content which is not helpful or Trustworthy– Google doesn’t like content which could prove unhelpful and derived from un-trusted sources and end up harming the user’s experience online.

Duplicate text and Article spinning– Google doesn’t go well by Duplicate content and Article spinning (Rewriting from another website source) and the same will go against the ranking of the website for sure.

How to recuperate?

You first got to be sure that you have been hit by Google panda. Once you get it tracked, you must start the recovery process which initiates from first checking and improving the quality of content by removing the irrelevant stuff and then doing the Overhauling process of the rest of the website to enhance its quality. CNETInfosystem Offer solutions that fit to your requirement and budget and publish you on web to be visible where your target customers are.