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Google Panelty

Recover your website from Google Penalty before it’s too late

It doesn’t matter if your website played victim to Google penalty or got suffered highly from loss of traffic; With CNET INFOSYSTEM by your side, you don’t need to go anywhere else. While we offer an opportunity to our clients to recover their website from Google penalty within 72 hours or as early as possible, we are also committed to provide all the required assistance and support regarding the same during the process. So while you think that being slapped with a Google penalty would result in shutting down of your online business, let us help you to make you believe the fact that regaining your site’s ranking and online traffic, is not a daunting task.

Reasons for Google penalty

  • Unrelated Links
  • Poor-Quality Backlinks
  • Hidden Links
  • Comment Spam
  • Paid Links
  • Duplicate Content

Types of Google Penalties

The two widely known Google penalties are Google Panda and Google Penguin. Though, both of them are totally different in context to the types of factors they analyze to evaluate your website, the impact they can deliver on your website and its rankings are quite similar. Therefore the first step one must take in order to recover the penalty is the identification of type of penalty. Proper analysis about the penalty and outcome should be done if you got any notice from Google Webmaster tool.

Though there are various Google Penalty Recovery Procedures available online which claims to let you recover your valuable website, none of them can still guarantee you an appropriate end result. Therefore it’s important that you take rapid and insistent action to recover your organic search rankings. At CNET Info system, our team of High end expert professional experts can help you out while using the right set of tools and a methodical process, you can get up and get back in the game. Our customized service, while being affordable, is the best you can get for your brand or business. For more information you can visit our office and also send your query by email or call. We will be glad to help you.

How to identify the type of Google penalty?

Google Panda: The Most common version of the Google penalty given to most of the websites is Google Panda. Though Google has now changed it to be called a quality algorithm instead of penalty that usually evaluates your website’s overall standard and quality. If Google algorithm found “Poor Quality” or “Duplicate” content within your website, it would penalize your website with poor ranking and lesser organic traffic. This would further impact your credibility amongst your potential customers and may harm your overall business growth in long term.

Google Penguin: This type of Google penalty or Algorithm critically evaluates your website in negative terms if it’s engaged in forceful link building. Your site will be penalized, if you have hide unnatural links and tried to get higher rank by the search engines by making fake or artificial links.

De-Indexed Pages and Websites: In this, Websites get de-indexed when they try to sell links to other websites. Google don’t really want websites to purchase links in order to boost their page rank or search engine position. Google identify all these spammed links, spammed low quality content of a website and some other black hat techniques.

What Our Clients Say

Unlike most of firm we do not just sit back and follow SEO books and Stated Guidelines buy google and many so called top SEO guru, but to do research for new development and techniques to get best results, using human intelligence and real analytics and search behaviour.

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