Google Penguin: How it Can Prove Fruitful to your SEO Strategies

While SEO could be termed as a hefty task sometimes due to the regular updating of Google algorithms, Individuals and organizations who works well according to the same updates, will garner more efficient and beneficial results for the betterment of their concerns. One of the Google algorithms “Google Penguin” is such an algorithm which would rate and evaluate your website on the quality of back links that’s been created and the related Link Profiles.

Moreover, this is the second algorithm update after Google Panda which could prove impactful if your webpage if it doesn’t serve the right quality of content or Back links. While Google Penguin has a number of similarities like with Panda, it rates and appraises websites for a completely different factor i.e. their link profiles. Back links would impact the site’s rankings in a positive manner only if:

  • They are positioned on pages related to your linked pages in any context
  • They are bounded by same content which is related to your linked pages
  • They are Pointing towards your website from reliable sources
  • Their source belong to a number of different domains

While Penguin ensure that if all the above said facts have been satisfied, it will improve the ranking of your website accordingly, it also makes sure to lower the rankings in case they didn’t. Moreover, Google Penguin is not identical to Google’s physical proceedings for unnatural linking. Google Penguin is an automatic process in itself and would automatically analyze and evaluate your website if found without unnatural linking.

google penguin

How Google Penguin gets prompted?

Paid links –While it’s a breach to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to obtain links that bypass PageRank in return for money or products.

Minimal anchor text multiplicity– Text within back links is one of the most important factors that would decide your website’s fate in terms of Evaluation By Google penguin. If the text stays same altogether at every point, Google will take it negatively as an attempt to manipulate your rankings

Bad quality links. A back link got to be of good quality else it would be rated negative by Google penguin. While you can’t always check who links to you or your webpage, but an action plan should be there to get the same sorted.

Unnecessary Keywords– While Most of the WebPages include keywords that are more relevant to the search query of the particular user; there are those who just stuff irrelevant keywords which don’t really have any relation to the content of the page. Google really take that as a negative impression and would lower the ranking of your page in due course for the same.

How to get out of this trouble?

Once you track down all the bad links and related stuff, take them down by any means as soon as possible.

If you can take them off all manually, do it. Else talk to an expert who can do that on your behalf. For all such queries and more solutions to your Google algorithm issue, you can click here.