Google Pigeon: An Algorithm More Focused towards Local Search Results


Google Pigeon was planned to connect Google’s local search algorithm nearer to their web algorithm and to enhance all the ranking parameters which are distance and location bound. Earlier, there were two algorithms where one was doing the entire traditional web search, and the other is doing the local search. This approach wasn’t delivering an ideal search list of results. Therefore Google pigeon comes as an update to make the both connect and cooperate with each other in a better manner.

How would it change the whole scenario for Local SEO?

  • It would push the Local businesses to maintain and create a strong Local web presence in order to withstand the competition for local rankings.
  • Pigeon is termed an algorithm feature that would push Google to analyze a certain website and its local performance also on the basis of its distance and location. In most of the cases, it has been assumed like the whole search radius had been lessened, which would most probably favor the businesses which are nearer to the searchers location.
  • With the launch of Google Pigeon, 7 pack local results would be replaced by new 3pack Local listings.

How can your website deal with it with its normal SEO strategy?

  1. Build high-quality content in relation to your niche- Google pigeon, just like Panda and Penguin would emphasize on the quality of the content used in your website. If the content quality is not worth it, the ranking would get automatically impacted.
  2. location based keywords should be included.-While creating the content for the same ,you should take care of the fact that all the keywords which have been used in it should be location based and selected on the basis of a brief evaluation of the local user search behavior.
  3. Sites More Optimized for Mobile devices – This Update also confirms the fact that if your website isn’t friendly to mobile version or isn’t optimized for mobile devices, there is minimal chances that it will be ranked higher on either Mobile or desktop devices.
  4. Link Building from trustworthy sources-You got to ensure that all the links which have been building for your website are from the trustworthy resources.

Therefore, it can be said that your local SEO strategy should be according to the above factors in order to bring more fruitful results for your work. Still you can use the following tactics in order to help yourself:

  • Use Location based text, images, and videos in your content which can help the user to direct more easily towards your website.
  • You can also create multiple listings on business directories and Google My Business.
  • Use name, address, phone number credentials in those listings and also on your own website.
  • Try to grab more positive feedback and customer reviews from your satisfied clients and customers which would, in the end, would bring more traffic to your website even if the searcher has to spend some more time looking for your business. You can find out more about this by Clicking Here.