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Google Penalty removal services:

This means that a site may have following things:

Sudden Drop in traffic

Sudden Drop In ranking in many folds.

Site is removed fully. Check at

Many pages are now Not in google Index. Page rank was down.

Some time Google change its algorithm and so many sites loose back links, PR, And even ranking so all the time it is not true that Google put a penalty. Google often applies backlink devaluation to links from various sources that it considers spammers are exploiting to artificially raise the ranking of their sites this also effect PR and ranking.

If you suspect a Google penalty, it first makes sense to check whether any Google algorithm changes have been made which could be the cause of the problem. SEO Forum posts reflecting algorithm changes usually appear on the SEO Chat FORUM.

Cause of Google Penalties:
There are many things that put site on penalty. Read Google Penalty webmaster Guidelines.
  • No Hidden Tags/Text
  • No Paid Anchor links
  • No Paid blogs
  • No Cheap Article to create links
  • On page content must fit to Google guidelines.
  • Un-necessary text on any page.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Spam of link on page.
  • Link Farm
  • Suspicious activity
  • Duplicate content.
  • Gateway pages for keywords. Treated as spam page.
Send Webmaster Reconsideration Request in the Google webmaster tools and requested a review of our site, clearly telling them that no above activity is there after correcting the website like paid text links or hidden links are currently sold on our site. Assured them our site was compliant with Google quality guidelines. Still if you have any problem come to us. We will reinstall the site from 3 to 10 days depending upon Google penalty. Some time you get de listed or google penalty is there and you do not know why. Come to us. For GUARANTEED RECOVERY OF WEBSITE mail at

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