Have SEO Articles Become Dull and Repetitive?

As the amount of expert content regarding SEO flooding the internet these days, it would be easy to understand SEO. But how many of these contents are genuinely unique and relevant?

Well there are two ways to deal with it, first is spend your days and nights in learning and thinking and second is focus on outer trappings and simply act as a smart. Here no need to clarify that second one is far more popular. So why do you have slog it out why you can simply pretend and fool people? Unluckily this seems to be a trend in SEO world as well.

“Google changed the Rule of the Game”

Few years ago, the content that was not read worthy was still considered worthy for influencing website’s ranking on search engines like Google. But now Google boots are much smarter than ever they were because today if content is not worthy or worth reading, make sure the Google would not rank it as well.

Now what SEO marketers did? They come up with their ingenious idea to beat Google, pretending like an expert and flooded the internet with their own ideas and opinions. Believe me, you can easily check this, just type SEO News in Google and you will find million of results flooded the internet.

Basically this article begin with my own search when I started looking for some information about Local SEO factors and here again millions of search results are there on Google. And the unfortunate thing is that very few made sense and rest are dull and repetitive. In fact some of them are restate of old material and some of them were just about the basics, nothing beyond it, just the format and supporting data were changed.

Almost Everyone has own Opinion on Ranking Strategy

Have you ever thought how every SEO expert adds salt as an expert opinion of his own search engine ranking strategies? Unfortunately it’s true and same thing has been said again and again such as concentrate on your back links, give first priority to your content and of course take care of On Page SEO! It is just the way of presenting changes.

Are We Heading Towards a White Hat Spam?

Probably Yes! As Google adjust its search parameters to give credence to social signals, internet marketers are trying to promote business by flooding the internet with millions of articles being sold as ‘exclusive insights’.

Till… The ones that have foreseen the future trend have moved on beyond SEO and are now all are focusing on digital marketing.