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Our QA Management

As a premier independent software services testing company, we offer a complete and comprehensive range of testing services from manual to automated application testing, which include error detection and error recovery solutions to fix the complex bugs in your web applications.

Providing an error less services to the mass has become utmost important. Quality Assurance Services lets you identify the errors and give you an idea of the possible improvement scopes by using various Testing Services. We will provide a full suite of QA services in order to follow all of your changing QA requirements.

From SDLC, major key cornerstones of testing services are Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), and project planning & estimations. In this, testing life cycle is a crucial part in web development environments which include Test Analysis, Test planning/Test Design, Test execution at prompt time product delivery to promote an application sources, patchwork, application verification and validation services.

Why Only we?

We believe in constructive and customer centric approach to focus on already achieved the target and yet to achieve ones. Right from the technical flaws in designs are reported and repaired by us . This is how we have immense boost in our productivity, actual effect in the process, minimizing the risk and maximizing the planned business strategies.We provide a full range of QA services to ensure, the Web and mobile solutions meet highest standards.

We provide a broad spectrum of testing services depending upon the requirement of your app. Most of the apps meant for social networking are run through a rigorous load testing by our experts,depending on the requirements, we would either go for load testing, performance testing, stress testing and so on.

Our Core Services:

Our Comprehensive list of QA services includes:
  • Web Applications Testing
  • Test Advisory Services
  • Functional Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing, White Box Testing
  • Cloud Computing Test Offerings
  • Mobile Applications Testing
  • Security Testing, Product Testing
  • Resource Compatibility Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • SEO, CRM and Social Media Site Testing

Making differences in each stage of our development environments is a multidisciplinary task, for which we provide testing services of highest quality.We offer deep expertise and proprietary frameworks to accelerate testing time in order to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our Smart testing tools and technologies cover all tiers of testing services such as core testing, specialized testing, and non-functional testing. If you are find us to be appropriate for your business, feel free to call us and tell us about your expectations, and we will provide you with a way to help you stay ahead of your competition. You can send all your beneficial queries and quotes to our website.


  • Test Requirements
  • application walkthrough
  • Gap Analysis
  • Test Strategy
  • Tool Selection


  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Test Plan
  • Resource Planning
  • Test Environment Set Up
  • Test Case Design


  • Test Case Scripting
  • Test Execution
  • Internal Reviews
  • Test Strategy
  • Reporting & Sign Off


  • Script Maintenance
  • Test Pack Re-engineering
  • Performance
  • Confirmation
  • Regression

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