White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO: Which one is best for you?


More often people get confused about the difference between White hat SEO and black hat SEO. But those who have the ample knowledge about the same know that one of them carries penalties from Google and can certainly push your website further in terms of rankings. And while SEO strategies have kept changing and new techniques are coming up every now and then to keep up with new Google algorithms, it’s really important to create a balance between both the strategies in order to bring more goods to your website and business.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO


White hat SEO, or ethical SEO techniques are the list of techniques which may be time and effort consuming, but only through this you would be able to garner better results in the long run. White hat SEO techniques are human based list of techniques designed in accordance to attract organic search traffic with high-quality content, and can include a number of tactics such as :

  • Good inbound links– Back linking matter most in this technique.
  • Unique and Qualitative content– The Content should be original and qualitative so as the visitors find it interested enough to check. This is what will attract Organic traffic to your site.
  • Use of keywords and keyword analysis
  • Organized site– clear site architecture is quite vital when it comes to optimization. Best keywords should be there in the header and the titles so as Google can easily locate your site basis of the keywords searched.

All of These techniques are time and effort consuming, but they’re worth it as they can drive even an older content in the rankings and drive organic traffic, without any penalty.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is mostly the system based optimization ploy where lesser human effort is required and most of the work is done by the system only. It’s kind of “Duping the system” to get quick results But in case your site was found to be using these techniques by Google, it could be penalized and also de indexed.

While these sort of techniques are penalty bound, they are mostly gets used on sites with a fast return based business concepts, like retail sites or subscription sites. The Techniques include:

  • Bringing Duplicate, low quality and spammed content in use
  • Automation—this includes lesser or almost nil kind of automation in use alongside automated link building using software to build thousands of low-quality backlinks in a short period.
  • Bringing your competition or competitor down with all the negative techniques with a negative campaign or illicitly reporting them for spam or black hat techniques.
  • Creating pages that attract users on the basis of keywords and once they click, they get referred to a completely irrelevant page which though brings large traffic in short time, but doesn’t work well over a longer period of time.
  • Using sites which are hacked for the placements of your content or the links, without the knowledge of the site owner.